London Pattern Fibre Rope Blocks

A low cost, high quality fibre rope block which can be used for various applications.

Available in single, double, treble or snatch options, with swivel safety hook headfitting. A nylon sheave to suit various fibre rope sizes is available.

Standard features

  • Painted or galvanised finish
  • Nylon or cast iron sheaves
  • Alternative headfitting, bearings and finish available on request
  • 100% tested and certified.

Specifications - London Pattern

Sheave Diameter Wire Rope Dia mm S.W.L Tonne
inches mm Snatch Single Double Treble
  • Snatch Block & Double Block
  • Single Block & Treble Block

All London Pattern Blocks can be made to your exact specifications, please call +44 (0)121 568 3420 for more information.

Created by pmd creative solutions